Constant Reassurance




Carl Sagan




If I am aware of the nature and movement of my reactions, then naturally that awareness will result in freedom from the reactions.... If I am aware, simultaneously of the objective challenge, the subjective reactions, and the causes of those reactions, then it results in freedom. Then the momentum of reaction will not carry me over with it, but I will be ahead of the reactions; I will not be a victim of my reactions, but I will see them as I see the objective challenge. That for me is meditation. All-inclusive attention while moving in life.”

                                                                                                                ~ Vimala Thakar


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 Atacama Giant; a giant geoglyph on Cerro Unitas in Atacama Desert, Chile.

It is one largest prehistoric geoglyph figures in the world with length of 119m; likely created sometime between 1000-1400 CE by successive series of indigenous cultures including Inca.