Reflections of an Elder Brother

"But of course, if you are not going to create with consciousness, then your unconscious will do the creating for you. Lack of attention produces unconscious creations. Why does every teacher say, "Stay in the moment"? Because in the moment you hold the reigns of creation, and the renegade unconscious is gently, obediently placed under your control. When you are out of the moment the renegade can run amok, creating what you no longer want out of reliving the past or fantasizing about the future.:"
- Bartholomew, Reflections of an Elder Brother


Absolute manifests

"A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the absolute manifests."
-- Martin Heidegger


Support Our Future

Sustainability and restoration is about playing an infinite game, and in an infinite game you change the rules anytime something threatens to stop the game. You change the rules so the game can continue going because the point is play. Nobody would want to end the game because you'd stop playing. Infinite games pay it forward; they fill future coffers. They're called family, they're called going down the Columbia River with your kids on a raft, playing Huckleberry Finn. They're called samba. They're called song telling, like hip-hop. They're called storytelling. They're called tree sitting. These are the endless ways in which generous people support our future and our children and our planet."