the True Purpose of Training

"Remember that you live always under the protection of some mysterious force. This force is nature. Therefore, true self-defense does not stop with defending oneself against others, but strives to make oneself worthy of defense by nature herself. It respects the principles of nature. True practice must be in consonance with the will of nature. When man observes the principles of nature, he helps to make them the principles of humanity because they are directed toward the good of humanity. True self-defense must be according to the will of God. When your mind and your acts become one with nature, then nature will protect you. Fear no enemy; fear only to be separated from the mind of nature. If you are on the right path, nature will protect you, and you need not fear anything. When an enemy wants to attack you while you are asleep, nature will awaken you. When an airplane has an accident, you will fortunately not be on that plane. Trust nature and do not worry. Leave both you mind and body to nature. Do not recognize friend or foe in your mind. In your heart let there be generosity as large as the sea, which accepts both clean and unclean water. Let your mind be as merciful as nature, which loves the smallest tree or blade of grass. Let your mind be strong with sincerity that can pierce iron or stone. Repay the forces of nature, work for the good of all and make yourself a person whom nature is pleased to let live. This is the true purpose of training."
Aikido master Tohei, in his book, Aikido, the Arts of Self-Defense

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