Peace is not weak

Peace is not weak. Standing up to a tank is harder than dropping a suicide bomb." Mattieu Riccard

Mind and Heart

"In all the Asian languages, the word for mind and the word for heart is the same word.  I you see the mind and heart are the same, then compassion is built right into it.  Mindful attention is itself affectionate.  It's open, spacious, curious, and in the seeing of the interconnectedness, then compassion arises naturally as there is no separation.  Wisdom is the knowing of no separation, and compassion is the feeling of no separation."  - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Ethical Pragmatic

"The ethical and pragmatic are really the same.  Ethical behavior is not thought to be some virtuous thing you do even though it or is against your interest; it is pragmatic, because it molds you evolutionarily as a being.   You damage your evolution when you act unethically and you advance your evolution when you act ethically." Robert Thurman 

Core Capacity

"... the core capacity needed to access the field of the future is presence. We first thought of presence as being fully conscious and aware in the present moment. Then we began to appreciate presence as deep listening, of being open beyond one's preconceptions and historical ways of making sense. We came to see the importance of letting go of old identities and the need to control and... making choices to serve the evolution of life...Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater."
Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski & Betty Sue Flowers

Insane together

"It is time to be insane together! It is time to violate consensus reality... We are all holding each other in an emerging story that will restore and regenerate our hurting world."
--Charles Eisenstein 

Courage is contagious.

"Courage is contagious. If you take a courageous step as an individual, you will literally change the world because you will affect all sorts of people in your immediate vicinity, 
who will then affect others and then affect others. 
You should never doubt your ability to change the world."  

- Glenn Greenwald 


Loving Humility

"At some ideas you stand perplexed, especially at the sight of human sins, uncertain whether to combat it by force or by human love. Always decide, 'I will combat it with human love.' If you make up your mind about that once and for all, you can conquer the whole world. Loving humility is a force; it is the strongest of all things and there is nothing like it." -- Dostoyevsky


God From The Inside

"The outward work can never be small if the inward one is great, and the outward work can never be great is the inward is small or of little worth...All works are surely dead if anything from the outside compels you to work.  Even if it were God himself compelling you to work from the outside, your works would be dead.  If your works are to live, then God must move you from the inside, from the innermost region of the soul--then they will really live.  There is your life and there alone you live and your works live."
- Meister Eckhart