Spiritual Inquirer

"In this era, to become a spiritual inquirer without social consciousness is a luxury that we can ill afford, and to be a social activist without a scientific
understanding of the inner workings of the mind is the worst folly. Neither approach in isolation has had any significant success. There is no question
now that an inquirer will have to make an effort to be socially conscious or that an activist will have to be persuaded of the moral crisis in the human psyche, the significance of being attentive to the inner life. The challenge awaiting us is to
go much deeper as human beings, to abandon superficial prejudices and preferences, to expand understanding to a global scale, integrating the
totality of living, and to become aware of the wholeness of which we are a manifestation." -  Vimala Thakar


What Kabir saw

“Between the conscious and unconscious, the mind has put up a swing; all earth creatures, even supernovas, sway between these two trees, and it never winds down. Angels, animals, humans, insects by the million, also the wheeling sun and moon; ages go by, and it goes on. Everything is swinging: heaven, earth, water, fire, and the secret one is slowly growing a body. Kabir saw this for fifteen seconds, and it made him a servant for life.”

Binary nature of life

"The binary nature of life gives us a multiplicity of yes/no choices from which we choose our path, constantly branching in the directio of our yes decisions. Each minute yes/no decision is a binary decision. Understanding this helps you understand anotther binary, coequal aspect of Life. When you want to enter a different aspect of Life, you wait for the point at which Particle becomes Wave. And just at that split second before the Paricle is gone and the Wave takes over, you enter between, and you become Energy. At thpint where the wave becomes Particle again, you enter between and you ree become who you were or you make a different choice. Which is also possible. I think it is that space which healing occurs." ~ Paula Underwood Spencer