Prince of the Absurd

'Understand this: we can despair of the meaning of life in general, but not of the particular forms that it takes; we can despair of existence, for we have no power over it, but not of history, where the individual can do everything. It is individuals who are killing us today. Why should not individuals manage to give the world peace? We must simply begin without thinking of such grandiose aims.' "

Be it

"We cannot know the truth; we can only be it... While watching the watcher, judgment and fear dissolve into mercy and courage. Then, while watching the watching itself, we merge beyond the mind, into the heart of the matter, the boundlessness of our sacred vastness.” ~ Stephen Levine 


No Horn On His Head

The sky is the color …
 of forever.

Minds Non local

“Minds, rather, are nonlocal with respect to space and time. This means that the separateness of minds is an illusion, because individual minds cannot be put in a box (or brain) and walled off from one another.” - Larry Dossey, ONE MIND

"There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same." — EMERSON

Companions and Friends

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“Then the venerable Ananda approached the Buddha, prostrated himself and sat down to one side. 
Sitting there the venerable Ananda said to the Lord: 
“Half of the holy life, Lord, is good and noble friends, companionship with the good,
association with the good.” 
“Do not say that, Ananda, do not say that. 

It is the whole of the holy life, this friendship, companionship, and association with the good.”