stranger yet


Not only is the universe stranger than we think,

it is stranger than we can think.”

~ Werner Heisenberg


One's mind



“During meditation one’s mind, being evenly settled in its own natural way, is like still water, unruffled by ripple or breeze,and as any thought or change arises in that stillness it forms, like a wave in the ocean, and disappears back into it again. Left naturally, it dissolves; naturally. Whatever turbulence of mind erupts—if you let it be— it will of its own course play itself out, liberate itself; and thus, the view arrived at through meditation is that whatever appears is none other than the self-display or projection of the mind. In continuing the perspective of this view into the  ctivities and events of everyday life, the grasp of dualistic perception of the world as solid, fixed and tangible reality (which is the root cause of our problems) begins to loosen and dissolves. Mind is like the wind. It comes and goes; and through increasing certainty in this view one begins to appreciate the humor of the situation.”  ~ Dudjom Rinpoche

Grapes of Wrath


Salinger, J.D.


Thomas Moore




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Mission Mountains Late November afternoon