Design Me a Planet

"Design Me a Planet is not utopia: it is the most concrete reality - the reality-in-construction.  We need to design our planet, our planetary civilization.  This was a hopelessly utopian task until even a few decades ago.  It is no longer that today.  Now it is realistic, urgent - and absolutely necessary.  It is realistic because there is a new world to be designed, from the ground up.  The old one is passing into history, and there is space, a unique opportunity, for the new. It is urgent because there is no time to waste.  The old world will break down in a matter of five to fifteen years and either we are ready to place a new world in its place, or our entire civilization will suffer, and the human species as a whole will be endangered. This is the emerging necessity today: to design the planet we want to, and can, live on.  The world we can leave to our children and their children. We all need to be part of the construction team.  Design Me a Planet is a project that has the mission to come up with the basic blueprint.  
It is up to all of us to use the blueprint not as dogma and commandment, but as orientation for our own creativity, our own motivation, or own will to join together and build a planet that comes up to the finest design we can come up for it. 
I wish this project the great success that it deserves." -- Ervin Laszlo