Our children

"Our children and our grandchildren are our elders in universe time. They are born into a more complex, more evolved universe than we can experience or than we can know. It is our privilege to see that new world through their eyes."  ~ Buckminster Fuller 


"Try to be mindful, and let things take their natural course. Then your mind will become still in any surroundings, like a clear forest pool. All kinds of wonderful, rare animals will come to drink at the pool, and you will clearly see the nature of all things. You will see many strange and wonderful things come and go, but you will be still. 
This is the happiness of the Buddha."

- Achaan Cha


"When you want to enter a different aspect of Life, you wait for the point at which Particle becomes Wave.  And just at that split second before the Particle is gone and the Wave takes over, you enter between, and you become Energy.  At that point where the wave becomes Particle again, you enter between and you re-become who you were or you make a different choice.  Which is also possible.  I think it is that space which healing occurs." - Paula Underwood Spencer