Shamanic shift


Describing her childhood training in the Indigenous Sciences

of the Oneida tradition, our teacher and colleague,

Paula Underwood Spencer, wrote:

"Since Universe is Energy, part of the process of understanding, at least as I experience it, is to learn to 'see' flows of energy and specificities of energy.  

Both are necessary. Because, you see, Universe is both Whole and Specific. Western science is beginning to understand this through explorations about particle and wave.  

Both particle/particularity/specificity of Universe and the wave/flow of Universe were aspects I was encouraged as a child to apprehend and understand. I was asked to 'see' the dancing points of light and then to apprehend the shift from location to flow.  Much of shamanic practice has to do

with developing the ability to enter and use this shift."


The Veil lifts


"God is not always silent and humans are not always blind. In every person’s life there are moments when there is a lifting of the veil at the horizon of the known, opening a sight of the eternal. Each of us has at least once in our life experienced the momentous reality of God... The remembrance of that experience and the loyalty to the response of that moment are the forces that sustain our faith.In this sense, faith is faithfulness, loyalty to an event, loyalty to our response." ~ Rabbi Abraham Heschel