"Profound peace, natural simplicity, uncompounded luminosity. I have found a nectar-like dharma." 
- The Buddha's words upon his enlightenment at the age of 35 in Bodhgaya


Let us begin

"Physics has provided the basis for the design of the fission and fusion bombs, biology -- germ warfare, chemistry -- nerve gas.  And all of them have helped bring us to the brink of doom.  But they still do not provide keys to ultimate power. If we do destroy ourselves, it will be the minds of human beings, the unhealthy emotions of individuals, the fear, the hate, the jealousy and the greed of individuals that will trigger these horrors. . . .You can use Inner Science to educate each individual to understand himself or herself, to control his or her negative emotions and distorted notions, and to cultivate his or her highest potentials of love and wisdom.  And you can keep improving your Outer Sciences to better understand, control and beautify the environment for the greater benefit of all beings. There is an enormous amount of work to be done.  Let us begin it here and now." ~ The Dalai Lama at Harvard

Follow the world of humans

Carlos Casteneda has Don Juan state “there is a world of happiness where there is no difference between things, because there is no one there to ask about the difference.  But that is not the world of men.  Some men have the vanity to believe that they live in two worlds, but that is only their vanity.  There is but one world for us.  We are human, and must follow the world of humans contentedly.”