Chagdud Rinpoche


"From the depth of my heart I tell you:
one moment of kindness to another being,
one act of pure intention
is worth more than all the wealth in the world
when you are dying.
So practice now, while you can,
to the greatest possible extent in every situation.
This will fulfill the supreme purpose of your life,
and at the time of death,
you will have no regrets."

Remembering Malidoma Somae



Time Heals ~ Not


A Reality, not THE Reality


"If everybody would agree that their current reality is A reality,
and that what we essentially share is our capacity for constructing a reality, then perhaps we could all agree on a meta-agreement for computing a reality that would mean survival and dignity for everyone on the planet, rather than each group being sold on a particular way of doing things."
~Francisco Varela






The Greek verb chairein means “to rejoice, have grace, be gratified” and is formed from the noun “charis.”   Charis is generally translated as ‘grace” with reference to “beauty” and pleasing things like a sunrise, a poem, a song.  Charis also means favor, boon, gift, benefaction bestowed, charity.  The God Charon is a wisdom teacher and steersman on the River Styx. 



Mazlov's Pyramid




Eros and Soul-image
'...the feminine images are not the eros itself but the objects of its longing (pothos). A drive has a corresponding projection, a goal it seeks, a grail to hold its blood.
These containers may be represented by the anima images which Jung describes, and a quality of eros may be correlated with each of these figures, but the figures are not the eros. They are not the lovers but the beloved; they are the reflections of love. They are the means by which eros can see itself. When our desire is mirrored by a cheering coed or a nursing nun, through the specificity of the soul-image we are able to know more precisely about the quality of our desire. But the desire is not the cheerleader, not the nurse. The images are soul- portraits by means of which eros is drawn into the psychic field and can be witnessed as a psychic event.Soul is the arrow's target, the fire's combustible material, the labyrinth through which it dances.' Hillman. 1985. Anima: an anatomy of a personified notion. P. 21