"Contemplation is about seeing,but a kind of seeing that is much more, because it also includes recognizing and thus appreciating. The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see, but teaches us how to see what we behold."

– Richard Rohr



Another name for 'God' is 'Surprise.'

-Brother David Steindl-Rast


All Life

The First Verse of Genesis
(translated from the Hebrew
one letter at a time.)

"Breaking Open, Inside Outside; Rushing, Radiating, Reaching All Life Shining Source-Light In Inner Being
Itself Recurring In Itself Breaking Open, Inside Outside;
Rushing, Radiating, Reaching All-Life
All-Life Blooming, Kindling, Inside Lighting
Looking Open, In with Out In Inner Being
Golden-Flowing, Moving Outward, In Itself
All-Life Itself Recurring In Itself Looking Open, In with Out Shining Source-Light Inside Dividing In Inner Being
Golden-Flowing, Moving Outward, In Itself Doing, Living, Co-Evolving All-Life Itself Recurring In Itself Looking Open, In with Out All-Life Rushing, Radiating, Reaching
Treetop, Upright; Bearing Wholeness, Carrying Light"

Translated by Stan Tenen






Solitude is not chosen, any more than destiny is chosen. Solitude comes to us if we have within us the magic stone that attracts destiny. - Blessed be he who has found his solitude, not the solitude pictured in painting or poetry, but his own, unique, predestined solitude. Blessed be he who knows how to suffer! Blessed be he who bears the magic stone in his heart. To him comes destiny, from him comes authentic action.  --  Hermann Hesse