Anger is just a bunch of thoughts. Angry is the feeling of those thoughts. Although it is our tendency to identify with anger, we must disassociate from the malevolent aspects of anger. Anger and feeling angry distorts reality. When anger fills our mental landscape, we project its distorted reality on people and events. When we identify with anger, we cannot dissociate from it. We perpetuate a vicious circle each time we see or remember that which makes us angry. To deal with anger we must avoid identifying with the trigger for our anger.


Wise words for the day:

"A good man gone wrong is usually a bad man found out.”        


Mental attitude

"The most important factor in maintaining peace within oneself, in the face of any difficulty, is one's mental attitude. If it is distorted by such feelings as anger, attachment or jealousy, then even the most comfortable environment will bring one no peace. On the other hand, if ones attitude is generally calm and gentle, then even a hostile environment will have little effect on ones own inner peace. Since the basic source of peace and happiness is ones own mental attitude, it is worthwhile adopting means to develop it in a positive way.
~ Dalai Lama