Work vs Job

"No one else can tell you what your life's work is, but it's import­ant that you find it. There is a part of you that knows-affirm that part. "An important distinction for finding balance in your work-life is to remember that your "job" is fundamentally different from your "Work." Your "job" is the set of roles and responsibilities that you need to fulfill in order to satisfy the terms of your employment. Your "Work" is the mission or purpose you feel most deeply called or guided to fulfill in the course of your life. True life-work balance can be realized when you learn how to get your Work done while you are doing your job!  -Willis Harman




Profound labor

"But how are you supposed to be unafraid when you only rarely reach your sanctuary, and instead get trapped outside in life rising up and knocking yourself numb against its obstacles? This is why I long  so impatiently to get to work, to begin my workday, because life can become art only once it has become work. I know I cannot extricate my life from the  fates with which it has grown intertwined, but I have to find the strength to lift  life in  its entirety, exactly the way it is and including everything, into calmness, into solitude, into the quiet of profound labor.  (Rilke)