Eros and Soul-image
'...the feminine images are not the eros itself but the objects of its longing (pothos). A drive has a corresponding projection, a goal it seeks, a grail to hold its blood.
These containers may be represented by the anima images which Jung describes, and a quality of eros may be correlated with each of these figures, but the figures are not the eros. They are not the lovers but the beloved; they are the reflections of love. They are the means by which eros can see itself. When our desire is mirrored by a cheering coed or a nursing nun, through the specificity of the soul-image we are able to know more precisely about the quality of our desire. But the desire is not the cheerleader, not the nurse. The images are soul- portraits by means of which eros is drawn into the psychic field and can be witnessed as a psychic event.Soul is the arrow's target, the fire's combustible material, the labyrinth through which it dances.' Hillman. 1985. Anima: an anatomy of a personified notion. P. 21